At Grace Self Storage we understand the challenges of living near the heart of Sydney. While the location is convenient and makes it easy to experience all that Sydney has to offer, unfortunately the inner city also means limited space and difficult roads.

Inner City Sydney Self StorageNo matter how narrow your street, how difficult the parking, or how many one-way streets it takes to get there, you can use Grace Self Storage.

We can deliver our mobile self storage unit to any part of the Inner City including Alexandria, Paddington, Surry Hills and Woolloomooloo. Think of us as the self storage warehouse that comes to you. We provide peace of mind – no expensive ute or truck hire is required, nor driving all your goods to storage and then Packing for self storageunloading into a storage unit. Our trained storage specialists are on hand to take the stress out of storage.

You simply load and lock the Grace Self Storage unit, which we park outside your house, and when you are finished, we pick it up. When you want your goods returned, simply give us a call and we will deliver the mobile self storage unit back to your home.