We’ll Load4U so you don’t need to worry about a thing

Grace Self Storage offers a complete packing and loading service, Load4U, because we understand that selecting items to put into storage is stressful enough without you needing to worry about the packing and loading of your precious belongings.

Our team of professional removalists are experts at packing boxes and protecting furniture for storage, and we use specifically designed boxes, as well as special protective materials intended to withstand any forces endured while your belongings are in transit or in storage.

Load4U services include:
•  A range of carton sizes for different household items
•  Protective furniture pads
•  Specialised moving boxes for TVs and bicycles
•  Shock resistant poly bubble wrapping
•  Specially designed protector bags for mattresses
•  Plastic protection bags for delicate and soft furnishings

Load4UWith our careful attention and specialised packaging, you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your belongings are expertly protected from damage during transit and whilst in storage.

Grace Self Storage’s Load4U service frees up your precious time while we pack, protect and load your items.

Call us today to arrange your Load4U Self Storage service.